Yurt Rentals ~ for all occasions

Weddings yurtWe provide a unique and environmentally friendly alternative to vinyl sided wall tents. Yurts are suitable for any event where the organizers want to create “something special”. Yurts can be used for a variety of purposes including weddings, festivals, conferences, family celebrations and community events.

The symbolic circular architecture provides an intimate and unifying space, allowing
everyone to see each other and connect in a more personal way. By choosing a yurt for your event, you will be making an environmentally friendly choice which supports local well managed woodlots and utilises natural materials.

Why chose a yurt for your event?
• Enchanting yet versatile a yurt offers a unique space for any special event.
• There are no flapping canvases, guy ropes, or central support poles. The canvas walls can be easily zipped opened for better viewing and ventilation
• Our Egyptian cotton canvas is 100% water proof and is tested to current Canadian Fire Standards.
• No chance of a yurt blowing down, they have been tried and tested for over 1000 years to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads.
• Unlike a pole tent, yurts can be fitted with a solid door and the dense lattice frame prevents entry through the walls, ensuring personal belongings and equipment will stay safe.

We have three shelters available for rental: The Palace Yurt, The Champagne Yurt and two Workshop Yurts. All rental costs are for two days and include a fire extinguisher.

The Palace & Champagne Yurt

Banqueting, Music & Dance

The Palace & Champagne Yurt are simply the most elegant event tent in North America! The wooden trellis and cotton canvas give a feeling of warmth and security from the inside whilst from the outside the yurt emanates a welcoming glow. The remarkable acoustics of the yurt make them ideal for music based events.

Large Corporate Events, Meetings & Seminars

The circular shape of the yurt and absence of corners allows everyone inside a safe, equalizing space, perfect for educational activities. The cultural aspect of the yurt often brings up interesting topics around
sustainability, different cultures, and inspires discussion.

Vendoor & Informational Display

The Palace Yurt is a large space for vendors and informational table displays. It can fit fourteen 6 ft long tables with standing room behind or sixteen 6 ft long tables with the tables up against the wall. The white canvas makes the yurts ideal for media interviews and provides a glamorous setting for press conferences.

Festivals & Theatre

Over 100 wooden poles hold the crown of the roof to create an awe-inspiring canopy above the head. This provides an ideal surface upon which a wealth of lighting effects can be achieved. The remarkable acoustics of the yurt make them ideal for music based events and theatre.

Rental Charges (two day rental)

The Palace Yurt (850 sq ft) seats 50-96 people banqueting style or 160 plus for standing room. 

The Palace Yurt and Champagne Yurt can be attached by the front doors which creates a beautiful figure of eight. This arrangement and accomidate 156 people seating for dinning.

Diameter Rental Cost Extra Day Flooring Lighting (includes four Moroccan lanterns & perimeter mini lights)
33ft $1495 $150 $275 $225

The Champagne Yurt (615 sq ft) seats 40-60 people banqueting style or 100 people for standing room. 

Diameter Rental Cost Extra Day Flooring Lighting (includes two Moroccan lanterns & perimeter mini lights)
28ft $1100 $150 $250 $200


The Workshop Yurt

Children’s Area, Family Zone & Accomidation

The yurt is a fun and safe space ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere for families and playtime.
Storytelling, crafts, mini theatre, and circus can be enjoyed by all in the yurt’s welcoming space. The 16 foot yurt comes with coconut husk flooring, solid wood door and cushions.

Info Booth, Small Workshops & Meetings

The yurt is an eyecatcher and is an excellent way to draw attention to your community events.The circular shape of the yurt and absence of corners allows everyone inside a safe, equalizing space, perfect for educational activities.

Small Catered Events

Have a lobster lunch at the 18th hole at your favorite golf course! The yurt is ideal if you need extra dinning space or for a unquie cocktail bar.

The Workshop Yurt (250 sq ft) seats 12-18 people banqueting style, 25 for standing room, and 8-10 for sleeping. 

Diameter Rental Cost Extra Day Flooring Lighting (includes perimeter mini lights)
16ft $250 $50 included in price $25


We provide four traditional Moroccan lanterns, which hang from the central wheel. Perimeter mini lights wrap around the circumference of the yurt. Both the lanterns and mini lamps provide beautiful evening lighting in the yurt. Please note we do not provide extension cord for lighting requirments.


The flooring is a roll out coconut husk herringbone weave flooring. It helps to prevent moisture and creates a more comfortable space by leveling out bumpy ground. It rolls out in sections and gives you a feeling of being in an enclosed space.

We are one of the few companies that offer an affordable floor. Please note our flooring is not a wooden floor. Some people choose to put a wooden dance floor on our flooring or build their own from plywood if they have “serious dancers”!

Seating Plans

The Palace Yurt is 850 square feet and 33 feet in diameter and the Champagne Yurt is 650 square feet and 28 feet in diameter. The Workshop Yurts are 250 square feet and 17 feet in diameter. Our seating plans are too scale and use a combination of 5 ft and 6 ft round tables or 8 ft or 6 ft rectangle tables. Our seating plans allow one foot space behind every pulled out chair. We can customize your seating plan according to your needs. Click here to see seating plans.

Set Up

The Palace Yurt takes two days to set up, and the Champagne Yurt takes one full day to set up. The Workshop Yurts takes a few hours. For a typical Saturday wedding, the minimum two-day rental allows us to set up the Palace yurt on Wednesday and Thursday. This would give you all day Friday to set up tables, decorations, etc. The yurt must be empty by 10 am on Sunday for us to take it down. It would be an extra $150 per day thereafter.

The Palace & Champagne Yurts need to be erected on flat and even ground. Ensure that your chosen area is not more than 1 foot off from level over the entire diameter. To ensure that the Palace yurt will fit in your chosen space, measure a rope to 18 feet (15 feet for the Champagne Yurt) and place a peg in the middle of where you want the yurt to be. Follow the rope around in a circle to make sure the ground is flat and even.

The Palace Yurt is 22 ft high in the centre and 6.5 ft high at the walls. The Champagne Yurt is 13 ft high in the centre and 6.5 ft high at the walls. We will need a minimum of 36 ft diameter for set up and tear-down. If you wish to set up the Palace Yurt and The Champagne together the two diameters need to be side by side in your choosen location.

Please note: We must be able to have direct access to your chosen spot. If we are not able to unload within 50 feet, extra charges for set up will apply.

Removing Canvas Walls

The two front canvas walls of the palace and champagne yurts can be zipped off which provides enhanced ventilation and viewing. Our workshop yurts can have one canvas wall zipped off. The simple zipper design is easy to use so you can open and close the walls after we have gone. We request that you zip up the walls after your wedding actvities to ensure that potential high winds do not enter the yurt.

Travel costs

Our travel costs are $95 for every 100 kms (round trip). Travel costs are subject to change without notice.

Confirmation of Bookings

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to hold all bookings. We accept cheques or money orders. The following information will be needed to create your invoice and rental agreement. You can either email us the information or call us at 902 670-4556.

-Full name and address including postal code

-Phone number (work and cell phone)

-Event location & event date

-On site contact person and on site phone numbers

-Do you require the lighting, flooring, or the extra rental day?

Once we have your information we will email you an invoice which will highlight the deposit amount and also email you the rental agreement. Please read, sign and include the rental agreement with your depsoit and mail to:

Little Foot Yurts

1459 White Rock Rd

Wolfville, NS, B4P 2R1

Please note that tables, chairs and decorations are not provided by Little Foot Yurts and must be either rented separately or provided by your caterer.