Every yurt we make is custom designed and we take great pride in working with our customers in a personal way.  In most cases we prefer to meet with our clients and go through all the choices and arrive at a yurt that will fit your personal needs.  We build in the winter months providing new yurts in the early spring time.

All of our yurts include the following:

Wall trellises, spruce or steam bent ash (24ft only), door frame, coppiced maple, ash or birch roof poles, steam bent wheel, tailored yurt canvas including wall sections with rot proof skirt (one wall section for our 12ft yurts), roof canvas with perimeter rope, tension band, canvas door, tie downs, pegs and eight pointed roof hat with window (colour of your choice for roof hat).

We have four common sizes of yurts that we build (12ft, 17ft, 20ft, & 24ft) 

As a Little Foot Yurt Owner You Will Receive

  • A full day of training including erecting your yurt (subject to delivery charges)
  • A Little Foot Yurt information guide with step by step pictures detailing assembling, dismantling, and caring for your yurt. A video set up guide is also available. 
  • Lifetime support over the phone, in person or by email
  • Two year warranty on all parts and canvas

  12ft yurt 17ft yurt 20ft yurt 24ft yurt
Square footage 113 227 314 450
Height of wall 4ft 5.5ft 5.5ft 6.5ft
Height in center 7ft 9.5ft 10.5ft 11.5ft
Base price $11,250 $16,230 $19,850 $28,480
Tarp & coconut husk flooring $910 $1,480 $2,200 $2,930
Extra roof cover $1,665 $1,990 $2,650 $3,800
Single hand-crafted panel door (3ft wide)   $1,850 $1,850  
Double hand-crafted panel door (4ft wide)       $2,900
Carved panels (each)       $450
Small roll up plastic window with bug screen (22\"x28\") $240      
Large roll up plastic window with bug screen (32\"x38\")   $420 $420 $500
Chimney fitting in wall  $330 $330 $330 N/A
Chimney fitting in hat for central stove with welded support and hearth $920 $920 $920 N/A
Felt wall liner $2,100 $2,800 $3,850  N/A

Carved panels can be personalized to your logo, or taste.
Note: Because of fluctuating costs, all prices are subject to change without notice.

Wheel Kit

The wheel kit includes a steam bent ash wheel complete with square mortices and dome sticks. This kit does not include the canvas coverings. Custom sizes available.  

12ft yurt wheel 17ft yurt wheel 20ft yurt wheel
$845 $910 $1040

Check out our Wheel___Canvas_Kit.pdf for more details. 

Canvas Kit

The canvas kit includes: wall sections with rot proof skirt, roof cover with grommets and perimeter rope, tension band, canvas door, roof hat with plastic window (your choice of colour for the roof hat), tie downs and steel pegs.

  12ft yurt 17ft yurt 20ft yurt
Base price $3,760 $4,945 $5,750
Tarp & coconut husk flooring $910 $1,480 $2,200
Extra roof cover $1,665 $1,990 $2,650
Small roll up plastic window with bug screen (22\"x28\") $240    
Large roll up plastic window with bug screen (32\"x38\")   $420 $420
Chimney fitting in wall $330 $330 $330
Chimney fitting in hat for central stove with welded support & hearth $920 $920 $920
Felt panels $2,100 $2,800 $3,850


Our yurt design uses natural materials such as wood and cotton and requires the owner taking an active part in maintaining the yurt.

Brushing the canvas down weekly to prevent dirt and mold growth and wiping the frame with vinegar is an important part of preserving and lengthening the life of of your yurt. 

We can provide set up and take down services and yearly maintenance for $65 per hour/per LFY staff. The full cost will depend on your location.

Read more about caring for your yurt in our  Maintenance & Cleaning Guide. 

For more information on our yurts please read our Sales Package and our Frequently Asked Questions. 


A 50% deposit is required for all purchases of our yurts before we start building. The remaining balance is required at the time of delivery. 

Building Times

All of our yurts that will be built for spring each year, must have the deposit paid and be ordered before the end of December. This is because of the cyclical nature of our harvesting techniques; the forestry component of our work (which occurs in the winter) precedes each build.

Yurt Resources

Check out our Tools & Resources page for information on chimney parts, recommended wood stoves and reading material.