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Here's what our satisfied clients have to say.

Sales Testimonials

Installing a Little Foot Yurt at Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site was a huge success. We had many positive comments from visitors and our Little Foot Yurt spurred a sizable increase in winter camping at Keji last year. Visitors commented on how their overnight stay in the yurt heightened their overall winter experience at Keji. Working with Alex and Selene was a pleasure, as they truly care about their yurts and the local resources that go into their fabrication. Thank-you Little Foot Yurts!

- Ashley Moffat, Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada, NS

The beautifully crafted yurt we bought from Alex and Selene was the centre piece of our venue operations. People were naturally drawn to it as a gathering place. Alex and Selene dealt with any issues promptly and productively. I felt like we not only bought a Yurt but also an ongoing relationship to the Yurt makers, their unique worldview and craftsmanship.

- Tim Merry, Split Rock Learning Center, Yarmouth, NS

Our school purchased a 17 foot yurt for environmental education programming. LFY were extremely helpful in answering all of our questions during the process. They traveled an hour and a half to our site and taught us how to set the yurt up properly and provided other great advice on take-down and storage. LFY values relationships above all else and our experience with them supported this important value.

- John Colten, Acadiau University, Wolfville, NS

I certainly have no regrets having bought a 28 ft yurt from LFY. It has certainly been an asset at Evolve!

- Jonas Colter, Producer of the Evolve Music Fetival, Antigonesh, NS

We are using our yurt as an extra bedroom, located closer to the water’s edge, on our cottage property. We received our yurt mid-summer so have only been using it for a few months and have really enjoyed our nights sleeping there. Since we have equipped our yurt with a bed, the space exemplifies elegant camping. The yurt is a liveable work of art with beautiful natural elements that are really appealing. It’s wonderful to be able to lie in bed and look up at the stars. Thank you Little Foot Yurts!

- Fred Harrington & Karen Hollett, owner of a 17 ft yurt, Cape Breton, NS

In 2009 I decided to develop my lot near Yarmouth into a campsite. I had some experiences with yurts in Europe, and fortunately I found Little Foot Yurts! Here are some of my experiences: It wasn't raining, it was pouring for a long time. Some nice neighbors came to save us, and they were pretty surprised, that we were sitting dry and relaxed in the yurt. It is an enriching experience to live in a yurt, because it is round, but a Little Foot Yurt gives me the feeling, that I live in a piece of art. Every night I go to bed, I look up to the sky and watch the dome with deep pleasure. This is a really nice moment before falling asleep. Thank You Alex and Selene for the great service and your professional way of working.

- Klemens Wolf, owner of 17ft yurt, Yarmouth, NS

We have used our yurt as a summer residence and guest accommodation for 5 years now. Living in the round enveloped by hand hewn wood and cotton canvas is an experience one can only truly appreciate by living in it. We have had our yurt in all kinds of weather; from gail force winds, to snow and rain, to prolonged sun exposure and still our yurt is dry and sturdy. This dwelling is like a good pair of leather shoes than say a plastic raincoat, it requires care in order to stay beautiful and healthy. Truly, our yurt is a hand-crafted work of art!

- Carolyn Low & River Tomak, owner of a 17 ft yurt, Berwick, NS

Our experience with Little Foot Yurts, and our yurt in particular, has been exceptional! The customer service and support is there, well after you have paid for the product. Anytime we have had a question or concern Alex has been there to give us an answer, or a hand. The Yurt at Namaste Nova has offered a unique classroom space as well as a quite location for yoga or meditation getaways. Alex and Selene have made this space one of the most appreciated spots at our facility, and for that, we cannot thank them enough!

- Donald Burry, Namaste Nova Integrated Wellness Retreat, Ashdale, NS

The tipi I purchased from Little Foot Yurts is one of the best I have seen, and certainly the best I have owned. They have incorporated the best features that I have noticed, including large smoke pole pockets (to assist in getting the poles in place from far below), offset lacing holes for joining the tipi cover neatly (this is not so on all tipis), and heavily reinforced stress points and seams. They also provide heavy duty rebar pegs, more like staples, that do a terrific job of making sure your tipi doesn't get airborne. The instructions they provide make it almost foolproof to get the tipi up and looking good in minimum time. I needed one minor change after delivery, and they accommodated me quickly and with no fuss. All in all, a wonderful purchasing experience, and an awesome product!

- Dan McIsaac, owner of a 20 ft tipi, Annapolis Royal, NS

The Lunenburg County Historical Society purchased 2 tipis from Little Foot Yurts as part of our Renaissance Project. Alex and Selene personally delivered them to the Fort Point Museum in LaHave and demonstrated how to set them up. Over the years we have used the tipis as living exhibits at the museum site, as well as for story telling, and craft demo's at the 'Acadian-Mi'kmaq', and 'LaHave Folk' festivals. They are very popular with both young and older visitors to the site, who often enjoy picnics inside them. We have been very pleased with the quality of the tipis, and with the personal service provided by Selene and Alex, whether it was to assist with setting up, taking down, or repairing a tear.

- Gary Malone, Director of Lunenburg County Historical Society, NS

We are delighted with our Yurt and all the hospitality and education it has allowed us to provide others in our community - young and old!

The craftsmanship is a highlight for everyone and we love telling the story behind your care for the environment in the making of your Yurts! Thank you for all your 'added value' help along the way... from ideas on how to heat it, to instructions on how to maintain it so it will last for years and years, looking as wonderful as it did from the beginning.

We have been recommending you to everyone who is interested in purchasing a Yurt, and we would be delighted to speak with anyone if they would like a personal reference.

- Julia Burbin, owner of a 12ft yurt, Toronto, ON

Our school has a tipi from Little Foot Yurts and we use it as a resting station while students enjoy the warmth of the fire pit, after walks and snow shoeing. We are very impressed that it has withstood the cold harsh winds, snow and freezing rain.

- Brain Wong, Principal of West Hants Education Centre & Windsor Adult High School

Rental Testimonials

It's difficult to express how much the Palace Yurt added to our wedding. It is so beautiful that it needed virtually no decoration… just a few flowers here and there and we had an incredible space for our ceremony. Many of our guests commented on how appropriate the yurt was for an event as important, special and spiritual as a wedding. In the end, I think that it made things even more beautiful than we had hoped for, and we had very high hopes!

- Nicole Arsenault and Nick Wilkinson, PEI

The Palace Yurt was the centrepiece of our wedding. It is a stunning structure that added to the special, spiritual feel of the ceremony. It happened to pour on our wedding day, but thanks to the Yurt we stayed dry and danced the night away in the glow of the Moroccan lanterns.

- Mike Kohler & Jamesie Coolican, Halifax, NS

The champagne yurt looked absolutely stunning on the shore of the Bras d'Or Lakes. It was the perfect setting for our special day and there was ample space for our 65 guests and all the additions! Alex and Selene were fantastic to work with and made the whole process simple and seamless.

- Megan MacLeod, Cape Breton, NS

The yurt added something very special to our wedding. It was an intimate space - the kind of space that made us want to kick off our shoes and walk down the aisle barefoot, which was exactly what we did! Alex came to set it up a couple days before, and it was great for us to watch it being built and hear about the cultural and spiritual significance of the yurt. It made it feel like an extremely spiritual place for us to take our vows. Plus it was cheaper and more unique than the average wedding tent. Our guests loved it, our photographs were beautiful, and we were 100% satisfied with our decision. Thanks Alex and Selene!

- Laura Levin, Toronto, ON

Thank you so much for the use of your Palace Yurt for our memorial event. It truly is beautiful. All of our guests were amazed by it, especially those who had never seen one.

- Avery MacNeish, Boutiliers Point, NS

The Palace Yurt that we rented from Little Foot Yurts for our daughter's wedding was the perfect venue for a backyard wedding and dance. Guests were very impressed and the lanterns added an exotic flair. Set up and take down of the yurt was very professionally done. We highly recommend Little Foot Yurts.

- Mark & Lynn Campbell, Wolfville, NS

We had a very successful art event at Peggy’s Cove this year. Many visitors to the art exhibition also spent considerable time admiring the yurt, commenting on how spacious and airy it is. Returning artists praised the organizers in choosing a venue in which art was better displayed than ever. The high ceilings and cupola provided an inspiring atmosphere conducive to the creativity being showcased. The art and the structure complemented each other beautifully.

- Maria Kuttner, Peggy's Cove Arts Festival, Peggy's Cove, NS

We held our 1st and 2nd annual Fair Trade Bazaar in the Champagne Yurt in downtown Halifax. What a draw it was! Interesting shape, dry when it rains and magical for everyone.

- Ellen Agger, Tammachat Natural Textiles, Halifax, NS

Little Foot Yurts were more than helpful when we where planning our wedding. They sent us multiple designs in which we could use the yurts as well as were very helpful when it came to answering the hundreds of questions that we had for them. We are so glad that they could be part of our big day, it was so awesome we did not have to have our wedding in a regular tent. I would recommend these yurts to anyone, and not only for a wedding but for any outdoor event. Thanks again for all the help!


- Chris and Aimee Muise, Seaforth, NS

Our experience with Little Foot Yurts was amazing from day one. They were courteous, professional, and informative throughout the entire process from choosing a date all the way to dismantling the yurt after the celebrations were over. What was supposed to be a 2-day setup turned into a 1-day yurt-assembling marathon due to inclement weather in the days leading up to our wedding. On top of that our site posed some unique space issues. The team of two (plus one pup!) rose to the challenge and worked tirelessly in the mid-summer heat to make sure the yurt was set up and working perfectly.

In the end it was absolutely beautiful and the perfect place to celebrate our marriage with our closest friends and family. The space, lighting, and flooring were gorgeous but still left enough room for personalization so we could really make it our own. It created an atmosphere I don’t think is achievable with any other structure. Plus the yurt was the talk of the town for days and may have received more attention than our actual nuptials!

We’re so thrilled we stumbled upon Little Foot Yurts and would highly recommend them for any event where you want something unique for your special day. Memories of the yurt are something we will cherish forever.

- Erin & Duc Cun, Chester, NS

From the very beginning working with Little Foot Yurts was both enjoyable and easy.  Selene and Alex were so clear about what we could expect and I trusted the process entirely.  The assembly of the yurt on the old family farm was exactly as they said and they even called me to confirm the exact positioning of the yurt to make sure our 91 grandmother wasn't taking liberties with her instructions!  Every detail was beautiful, with the lights, doors and being able to open the sides to let in the sun and breeze through the day.  The yurt was a special addition to our wedding day, offering a gathering place, a rocking music venue and dance hall, and in the end where we pitched our tent for the night. 

- Anna Haanstra, Halifax, NS

Workshop Testimonials

Three days of great instruction in a fabulous location. Selene and Alex know their yurts but they also know about community spirit and what motivates strangers to participate and work collectively. I am now in the early stages of planning my ‘glamping’ destination and should have my first yurt built by the end of 2015. One of my favourite moments was the forestry afternoon and the biggest surprise was how quickly the yurts became a shelter. Truly portable, strong and FUN! I recommend the workshops to clients, friends and associates. Gracious hosts, holistic food and awesome energy. A highlight for me on my journey…

- Laurie Scott, Halifax, NS

Little Foot Yurts provided an amazing learning experience with their yurt building workshop. Not only did we learn about the cultural roots of yurts and what's involved in the process of building a yurt, LFY also facilitated the building of a community during the two-day yurt building workshop. I made good friends during this workshop and expanded my network of yurt enthusiasts.

- John Colten, Wolfville, NS

I attended the yurt building workshop with my 10 year old son, and we both adored our weekend. Everything was great, from the experience of staying in a yurt, to the delicious vegetarian food that was provided, but the best was to realize how simple and accessible building a yurt can be. Even my son was able to participate in the whole weekend. I have been interested in yurt construction for many years, and this workshop was exactly what I needed to finally give me the skills, the knowledge and the confidence to build my own yurt. Selene and Alex were very generous of their time and knowledge, making sure to answer to all of our questions. Overall I was very pleased with my experience and would definitely recommend the workshop to anyone interested in building a yurt.

- Judith Forget, Halifax, NS

I participated in the yurt building workshop with Little Foot Yurts in 2014—I experienced so much on this weekend! It’s truly an integrated educational experience that touches on more than just the practical construction and design of a yurt. We learned about the history of yurts and nomadic living, permaculture forestry practices, working with a team towards a common goal, and basic tool use.

The most memorable part of my experience was enjoying the wintry rural atmosphere of Alex and Selene’s farm; sleeping in a cozy yurt with a wood stove, communing with new friends at a bonfire, and being outdoors every day. The food was also a highlight—made with intention by Selene. We were treated to healthful and energy rich meals and snacks to get us out of bed and playing outdoors. This is a wonderful workshop and retreat which I recommend to anyone who is 'Yurt-Curious’. 

- Philippa Gunn, Halifax, NS

After completing the LFY yurt building workshop I was very eager to get started on my yurt. I felt as though I had gained all the neccesary knowledge to build my own yurt. It was wonderful to live in a yurt for the weekend and get a feel for what living in a yurt is like. Alex is an amazing teacher and a wealth of yurt knowledge. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to build there own yurt. It was a great time with some awesome people and really delicious food.

- Jordan Aucoin, Halifax, NS

My 6 year old son and I really enjoyed the Yurt Building workshop. I’m interested in alternative building methods and was relieved by the knowledge and clear methods we learned to build our own yurts. The hands on nature of the workshop coupled with the opportunity to sleep in a yurt during the coldest months of winter was an experience that gave me the confidence I needed to start the process of building my own yurt, including how to source materials and how to handle the tools. Since the workshop, Alex and Selene have continued to offer support as I work toward building my own yurt.

- Chris Rodd, Blockhouse, NS

I showed up at LFY hoping to get some tips and information on yurt building but not thinking I'd really be able to do it on my own. I had no idea that Alex and Selene would turn my yurt building dreams into a reality. The course itself guided us through all necessary skills and tools (there aren't that many!) we'd need, and gave everyone the chance to try them out. We all left feeling empowered, confident, and seriously inspired. The food was amazing, the information was invaluable, and the support from Alex and Selene has been ongoing throughout my own building process. If you have ever thought about taking a course like this, do it with Little Foot Yurts.

- Grace Szucs, Halifax, NS

The first time I saw a yurt I fell in love with the beauty of the structure. It seemed something that would not be that hard to build but I didn't know where to begin. A few months later I saw that there was a yurt building workshop organised by Little Foot Yurts in Wolfville, Nova Scotia and I registered. The workshop was two days and confirmed that the frame was a project that I could build. The materials were accessible and easy to prepare using simple hand tools.

I chose to have my canvas fitted to my frame by Little Foot Yurts. I find that the cotton canvas has a much better look and feel compared to vinyl canvas. The canvas is very well made and has resisted six seasons with some yearly maintenance. I highly recommend working with Little Foot Yurts they are always ready to answer my questions and gave good service.


- Remi Donelle, NB