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Yurt Building Workshop: no future dates confirmed


Building one’s own shelter is an incredibly empowering experience. Our workshops take the participant on an experiential education journey involving many aspects of traditional and natural building practices.

Our annual November workshop focuses on collecting and preparing yurt materials and includes a free workshop on Coppicing & Charcoal making. 

We also offer one day yurt education experiences for communities, youth groups & schools. 

Collection, Coppice & Construction

Our workshops occur every November and are geared towards folks who want to actively make a yurt over the winter months and complete a yurt frame in the spring. 

The Collecting Yurt Materials workshop teaches techniques for collecting, harvesting, carving and storing your poles. Our Coppice Woodland & Charcoal Making workshop involves clearing the woodland using hand tools, preparing the cut stumps for regrowth and firing a retort kiln! After the first two workshops you then have five months to collect and carve your materials. 

1. Collecting Yurt Materials - Day Workshop 

In this workshop we will take a woodland walk to learn about the best wood for yurt construction. We will build a green wood working break, shave poles and learn about tool sharpening. You will leave with the skills and knowledge to collect, carve and store your poles in readiness for construction. You will also leave with the number and approximate lengths for your custom yurt.

Dates: Dates to be confirmed. Arrival after 7pm is recommended if you are traveling from far.

Where: TBC

Cost: $100 plus tax ($115.00) Lunch and snacks are provided

Bring: Work gloves, spare socks, warm waterproof clothing and boots.

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to reserve your spot. The deposit is due five days after you have completed the registration. 

2. Coppice Woodland & Charcoal Making – Evening & Following Day 

We will gather together, potluck style and then head into the woods to load and lite a charcoal retort kiln which will burn through out the night. On Sunday we will clear the coppice woodland using hand tools and prepare the freshly cut stumps to regrow, providing yurt poles for the future. This sustainable forest technique is over 3000 years old and can provide a constant supply of raw materials when cut on a cycle. Little Foot Yurts has been harvesting poles at this site for eight years and with the help of volunteers, preparing the healthy regrowth of red Maple coppice.

Dates: Dates to be confirmed. (accommodation is available at no charge, please bring sleeping bag, pillow & roll matt.)

Where: TBC

Cost: Free

Bring: Work gloves, spare socks, warm waterproof clothing and boots, flashlight, sleeping bag, roll matt and pillow.

Potluck items: Please bring something to BBQ for the Saturday night. We will be down in the woods, so something in a container and ready to grill will be ideal! We will bring buns, condiments and salad. Also, bring something to contribute for breakfast. We will make oatmeal and apples.

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Yurt Education Experiences - for community groups

Participants will broaden their understanding of the structure, history, and cultural background of the yurt – a low impact, sustainable shelter. Through erecting a 200 square foot yurt, we will explore the yurt components and discuss the construction techniques that make these nomadic homes a sustainable shelter. Participants can also build a riving and shaving break, and learn green wood working which could later be applied to any building project. Check out our Yurt Education Experience outline and see examples of groups we have worked with. 

Erecting a yurt is an excellent way to bring people together as a team. It enables a group or individual to have ownership over a project and learn the importance of an individual’s worth. The end result is a hand built, creative art piece, a safe space for empowered learning.

Cost: $350 (not including travel charges) for a 2-6 hour workshop. Our normal rental charge of $250 will be applied if you would like to keep the yurt for two days. 

Wheel & Canvas Kits

If you are building your own yurt frame, but don't have the skills or infrastructure to make the canvas covering and wheel, then you can purchase a Little_Foot_Yurts_Wheel__... from us to help your yurt dreams come true! 

The canvas kit includes: wall sections with rot proof skirt, roof cover with grommets and perimeter rope, tension band, canvas door, roof hat with plastic window (your choice of colour for the roof hat), tie downs and steel pegs. 

The wheel kit includes a steam bent ash wheel complete with square mortices and dome sticks. 

Yurt Resources

Check out our Tools & Resources page for information on chimney parts, recommended wood stoves and reading material. 

Three days of great instruction in a fabulous location. Selene and Alex know their yurts but they also know about community spirit and what motivates strangers to participate and work collectively. I am now in the early stages of planning my ‘glamping’ destination and should have my first yurt built by the end of 2015. One of my favourite moments was the forestry afternoon and the biggest surprise was how quickly the yurts became a shelter. Truly portable, strong and FUN! I recommend the workshops to clients, friends and associates. Gracious hosts, holistic food and awesome energy. A highlight for me on my journey…

- Laurie Scott, Halifax, NS See more testimonials