Yurt Showcase

We have been running our Yurt Building Workshops since 2005 to share our knowledge of yurt building. One of our goals is to support and create a network of people who are building their own yurts. It's not always easy doing something different, so that's why it's even more important to learn from and connect with others that are doing the same thing!

Sharing our stories is one way to do ensure that our unqiue experiences don't get lost or forgotten. At Little Foot Yurts we are so excited to have complied stories of people who have built their own yurts. We are even more excited to be able to showcase them on our website! Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to write your stories. If you have built your own yurt and want to be part of this amazing collection of inspirational people, please get in touch with us. Enjoy and let the stories inspire you to build your own yurt.



Paula Musial - Halifax, Nova Scotia

I was totally inspired after my weekend workshop with Alex & Selene in 2013. My yurt dream turned real and I began visualizing how to create it. Choosing/cutting/carrying the poles was done every day on my dog walks that winter. I also skinned and bent them in cradles I made. Then I started researching materials. You see…….I love the light and one thing that bothered me was how dark a traditional yurt can be. I also wanted a year round yurt. How naive of me! Anyway my heart said light - my brain said how and my wallet said wow are you kidding! Spring turned to summer and now I had the structure up and shaky taking up one whole open part of the back yard. A carpenter friend of mine helped me frame up a floor and I added pine shelf planks to finish it and a 4” collar at the base to accommodate the lattice frame to keep it in place.

Rémi Donelle - Grande Digue, New Brunswick

The first time I saw a yurt I fell in love with the beauty of the structure. It seemed something that would not be that hard to build but I didn't know where to begin.

A few months later I saw that there was a yurt building workshop organized by Little Foot Yurts in Wolfville, Nova Scotia and I registered in 2007. The workshop was two days and confirmed that the frame was a project that I could build. The materials were accessible and easy to prepare using simple hand tools. The central wheel however needed more skill and equipment than I had at the time. Thankfully another participant from the workshop had also built a frame and we decided to do a wheel workshop under the guidance of Alex. This was the hardest part of building the yurt but with Alex' help and patience we finished the wheel and had a completed yurt frame!

Katherine Marsters – Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia

My desire to build a yurt came from a deep calling to be both place based and transient. I love the idea of building a home in hours and then being able to move by simply untying knots and taking down poles. The yurt has given me freedom. It was my seasonal home for several years and is now a part of my income. During the warmer months it sits on an island in Blue Rocks and is a getaway for travelers, tourists, and locals who need time away by the sea. It is also my getaway!

Stephane Albert – Cap-au-renard, Quebec

In 2008, I was a sunburn university drop out in quest of real rural living, of connecting with living natural cycles. Mid-winter browsing through the woofing catalog, I found Little Foot Yurts. Called them up and we set out an apprenticeship to start early March. The day before my planned arrival, I pulled a ligament in my knee while sliding. Ended up recovering for a month in Montreal, at Marie-Anne’s apartment. Its then that we went from flirters to lovers.

Karen Graves - Ontario

In the winter of 2008, my partner Cam and I decided that we wanted to experiment with alternative building practices, and to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle. We were renting a house in a small Ontario town, and we decided we would begin the adventure there. Over the winter we began planning and building to be able to spend the following spring/summer/fall living off the grid in a friend’s field.