Your Event in a Yurt

Ceremony in the Palace yurt
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Are you looking to create a special ambience that is both unique and enchanting? Then look no further! We provide a unique and environmentally friendly alternative to a vinyl sided wall tent- the yurt.

The yurt is a collapsible circular framework of wooden poles used 3000 years ago by a horse riding nomadic nation of people throughtout Central Asia. Today it is still in use across the globe from a cozy home to a gathering space for a variety of purposes including weddings, festivals, conferences and community events.

Why choose a yurt for your event?
  • It's the most elegant venue available!
  • No flapping canvas, guy ropes, or central poles
  • Egyptian cotton canvas is 100% water proof
  • Ancient design proven to be strong in bad waether
  • Canvas walls can be zipped open for enhanced viewing and ventilation

In our everyday lives we spend all of our time in the square of our homes and workplaces. A circular space creates an atmosphere which makes people feel grounded and present. It's rounded design creates the perfect condition for a gathering that is both spacious and intimate.

Being fully customizable with lighting, flooring and decorations, why use a tent when you could have a yurt? 

Click on the appropriate icon and then the white arrows to view images
Click on the appropriate icon and then the white arrows to view images

It's difficult to express how much the Palace Yurt added to our wedding. It is so beautiful that it needed virtually no decoration… just a few flowers here and there and we had an incredible space for our ceremony. Many of our guests commented on how appropriate the yurt was for an event as important, special and spiritual as a wedding. In the end, I think that it made things even more beautiful than we had hoped for, and we had very high hopes!

- Nicole Arsenault and Nick Wilkinson, PEI See more testimonials